Student Newsletter August 2017 Edition


Selecting the right salon after graduation can be stressful for a new stylist. You will probably have many questions before each interview like: “Do I FIT their salon team?” “How can I stand out against others applying for the same salon?” “What are the salon owners expecting and looking for in a new stylist?” “What kind of questions should I ask?” “What should I wear?” “Does the salon offer an apprenticeship and training?”. Our goal is to make this an easy transition from student to reaching your dream of being a successful stylist. So, to help guide you on this journey, we have two Farouk Systems Global Artists and salon owners who will share these answers with you!


Rocky Vitelli

Farouk Systems Global Artist
Rocky Vitelli Salon – Toronto, Canada

With more than 25 years of experience, Toronto-based Rocky Vitelli serves as a trailblazer for innovation in the professional beauty industry. Vitelli is known for creating haute couture hair on-stage that can be easily translated into edgy, off the runway looks.

As an FSI Global Board Artist and international educator, Vitelli produces progressive haircuts that are often used for trend collections and in editorial pieces. Some of his accolades include being awarded four times as Canadian Hairstylist of the Year. Vitelli can be found styling at New York and Toronto Fashion Week as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. More recently, Vitelli made a guest appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice as a CHI Artist. Inspired by fashion, he believes that hair has a direct influence on the success of an overall look.

Joe Anthony Pena

Farouk Systems Global Artist
Hair Dimensions Salons – Victoria, Texas

The international phenomenon Joe Anthony has rocked the minds of hairdressers all over the globe with his systematic, money-making approach to the beauty industry.

Joe Anthony is a member of FSI Global Board and is also part of the Creative Artistic Design Team. He is the owner of the Award winning salon Hair Dimensions in Victoria, Texas with 23 years of experience developing platform educational programs igniting the creativity of salon owners and changing lives around the world. Elevating experts to the next level is part of Joe Anthony Pena’s mission as an international educator and platform artist. His passion for inspiring and educating professionals is apparent every time he takes the stage.

Q: As a salon owner, what are the key points of interest that you look for in a new beauty school graduate applying for a position at your salon?

Rocky – “Professionalism is key! Their image and personal hygiene is very important. If the stylist is not taking the effort to place a good image upfront, their everyday look will slack in the salon too! I look or knowledge of their skills, an eagerness to learn and the ability to take directions. This lets me know they are hungry to learn from others and work as a team player. It is all about their professionalism.”

Joe Anthony – Knowledge of the salon – “Have they done the research on the salon, and are they prepared for the interview? Can they answer questions about the industry and themselves?”

Professional image – “Did the stylist take the time to dress for success? Image is your first impression”

Passion – “Can you feel their passion for the industry and how their personality really shines during the interview? In the interview, I really want to see it, hear it and feel it as we talk.”

Q: How strongly do you feel about an apprentice program prior to being released behind the chair?

Rocky – “The apprenticeship program is important because it allows the new stylist to experience the salon, allows them to see different situations, and allows them to learn from experienced stylist – how to handle clients, customer service, a good client consultation, formulations, and so much more. A new stylist seems to blossom when they work alongside a seasoned stylist. I love to see new talent take off and see them grow into amazing hairdressers. Without this foundation in the salon, they can get discouraged and even lost. We want them to shine. Together with the right mentor…new talent can surpass their own expectations.”

Joe Anthony – “The Apprentice program is a must for both the salon owner and the newly graduated stylist. Our apprentice program is designed to educate and motivate our newest team members, allowing the salon owner/ member to personally work one-on-one, sharing cutting techniques, color formulations, color patterns, communication skills and so much more. How to operate in the salon is a learned skill. This also allows them to feel the salon energy and that personal touch for our clientele. These skills are life changing to a new stylist and a must in building a successful salon business.”

Q: Are the applicant’s social media pages something you look at prior to hiring?

Rocky – “Yes! I always look at their social media. This is an open door to see what kind of lifestyle they have, and if it suits the salon atmosphere and professional image. This also allows us to see how committed they are to building a stylist profile.”

Joe Anthony – “OH YES! If someone who applies to the salon can’t conduct themselves properly on social media prior to coming to work, then they will have no place working and representing our salon brand. This is a real deal breaker – if a person can’t conduct themselves in their personal lives, will they be able to on our time?”

Q: If you could tell a graduating student one thing, what would it be?

Rocky – “Never give up! Success does not come easy. Hairstyling is a craft and practice makes perfection. After 26 years in the industry, I still work on mannequins all the time. Find an area you can work on mannequins to perfect your skills. Practice, practice, practice until you have conquered them! Always try new things to keep yourself inspired and motivated….. You need to pay your dues in order to reach your best. Never give up and keep reaching for the stars!”

Joe Anthony – “Study hard and treat this like a business. Nothing is handed to you, so don’t expect to walk into a salon on your first day and have it booked. You have to work for your clientele. Communication skills are extremely important and if you follow these things and keep your eye on the prize you will be able to feed your family forever! Good luck and never give up!”



Mix things up! Don’t just do what everyone else is doing. Take multiple techniques and come up with your own personal touches. Set yourself above the norm. Rocky has taken multiple techniques and made it his own with this peek – a – boo balayage.

Products used – CHI Blondest Blonde + 20 Vol CHI Generator + CHI Shine Shades 9N+ 6C+ 5CM +10 Vol CHI Generator

  • Lightening – CHI Blondest Blonde & 20 Vol CHI Generator
  • Toner – 9N CHI Shine Shades with 1/8th ounce 6C and 10 vol CHI Generator
  • Base color – 5CM and 10 vol

Model’s Natural Level – 4N


Student Artist Show Team Coach Joe Pena FSI Cancun Conference 2017

Kara Wells – Student Artist Winner

CHI Partner School
Career Academy in AR

Cat Cogdill – Student Artist Winner

CHI Flagship school
CHI Hill College Cosmetology in TX

Cari Murray – Student Artist Winner

CHI Flagship school
CHI Hill College Cosmetology in TX

Ashley Benson – Student Artist Winner

CHI Partner School
Broken Arrow Academy in OK

We are very excited to announce the four winners for Farouk Systems Cancun Global Conference August 2017! These talented young ladies were chosen from different student teams that travelled to hair shows across the USA.

They helped backstage with the Farouk team and worked alongside Global Platform Artist, Joe Pena on stage in front of a packed audience. These talented young ladies were selected based on extensive criteria that consisted of color application skills, presentation, and overall work ethics. We are excited to have such innovative students as our Student Artist Show Team for our 2017 Farouk Systems conference.

Joe Pena will be their lead coach for the main performance during the awards ceremony. He will make sure that they have a cohesive look for their models and will give guidance and inspiration for executing a cutting edge show. They will be performing in front of an international audience from over 144 countries. Let us wish these artistic winners GOOD LUCK!

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