• If chosen as the top 12- FSI will purchase your airfare and pay hotel accommodations for your trip to Houston. Rooms are double occupancy, flights are for travelers over 5 hours away from Houston, Texas! Breakfast and lunch will be provided as well (hotel room and tax only)

CHI Student Competition - #CHICOLORCHALLENGE Love Affair

  • CHI Student Competition #CHICOLORCHALLENGE2019 - "Love Affair"
    Registration Date: March 20th 2019 (Must be received by 12:00 CST March 20th 2019)
  • Student Information

  • I, (The Student) hereby agree to the rules and guidelines of the CHI Schools battle titled Hair is your CHI Canvas. I have received the guidelines and clearly understand that once I receive my product box that I am to only use product supplied to me in the box on my live model. For styling I also know that I can only use Farouk Systems wet lines.
  • By signing the above, I also know that if chosen as a finalist I will have to travel to Houston, Texas and if I earn a spot on the Student artist Show team I will be going to the Farouk Systems conference in August of 2019, this will involve getting a Passport.


 2019 Student competition

“CHI Love Affair” Battle Registration date March 20th 2019 (4 finalist)

Final winners will be our student artist for the 2019 Editorial Photo shoot held in Houston, Texas and will receive a CHI styling kit worth over $300.00 retail! This photo shoot will be published in a top industry magazine! (TBA)

If chosen for the top 12 finalist FSI will purchase airfare (if over a 5 hour drive) and all students will have hotel paid for (double occupancies room and tax only)

  • Social media platform – CHI Schools Facebook Page

Rules and Guidelines:

  1. 1. 50 registrations received per Challenge will qualify to participate
  2. 2. School MUST be a CHI Partnered School
  3. 3. Student MUST be enrolled date of final post
  4. 4. Students to use a live model ONLY
  5. 5. Student can only use the color supplied in their competition kits
  6. 6. Student must only use CHI or BIOSILK wet lines when styling the hair (if not supplied in the kits)
  8. 8. For more information and to register online go to – Schools
  9. 9. Final image posting April 16th 2019 by 12:00 P.M. CST to the CHI schools Facebook page
  10. 10. Post same information to your Schools FACEBOOK page, get as many likes & Shares on the CHI Facebook page.
  11. 11. Students will receive in their packet an image to inspire their looks
  12. 12. Winners of this battle posted April 22nd 2019
  13. 13. Student must be 18 years or older date of registration.
  14. 14. Student must perform final color with the supervision of the instructor.

“CHI Love Affair” Battle Registration date March 20th 2019 (4 finalist)

  • Shipment to school March 28th
  • Student Reveal social media Image postings April 5th Posted to the CHI Schools FACEBOOK page
    • Image of your students receiving and opening their surprise CHI BOX!
  • Student to post final image & how they used the product video April 16th (up to 1 min. video)
    • 1 video and 1 final look (picture) Live model ONLY
  • Winners of this battle posted April 22nd

Finalist Training & Try out dates – Houston Texas (12 finalist)

  • May 6th – 8th ( try out for Celebrity Judges)

Student winner photo shoot will be back in Houston, Texas in June dates TBA.

For more information please email the schools department Or

Hair Is Your Canvas
Contest Finalists


Virginia Abad
CHI Lone Star Cosmetology
Houston, Texas

Alex Mayer
Tuana European Beauty Academy
Fort Collins, Colorado

Jana Mihokava
Beauty Anatomy Int.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Chasity Chavez
Houston Training Schools
Houston, Texas

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